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Local Tech Landscape

This report was born out of a need to know the trends and patterns of Ugandan’s tech ecosystem, having realised that there was no one place where enough information about it could be found. What we have come up with should meet that need, at the very least, give those in search of this knowledge, a place to start.

We look at various demographics such as sex, age, level of expertise, level of education and so forth and draw educated insights from the various data sets, attempting to answer the what, where and why of our eco-system.
Deliberate conversations

With an overwhelmingly positive response from over 800 developers in Uganda, our commitment is that we process the anonymous data that was provided to us with the highest level of integrity and to share the results (and any insights, patterns, and trends observed) with an unprecedented level of transparency.

As stakeholders in this industry, our hope is that each and every one of us, using the knowledge shared here, will take deliberate steps to affect the industry in a positive way, however they can.